Access our updated, free guidelines for prevention and management of COVID-19 in a correctional facility.

Our professionals and security experts have updated our original COVID-19 training document to include the latest CDC & state official recommendations. You can find everything you need to know in order to keep your staff and your inmates safe during the ongoing pandemic.

Updated Sept 2020 

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Keeping up with the latest changes to COVID-19 can be challenging

In a perfect world, inmates and employees would have the necessary space to comply with the recently released social distancing guidelines issued by the CDC. In reality, when managing a business where best practice is to optimize space, the ways to apply these recommendations aren’t always clear.  

  • You understood the complete implications of this disease on the intake sites.

  • You could keep your staff prepared during additional waves of the virus.

  • You were able to successfully continue to identify and prevent the spread of COVID-19 at your facility before it happens.

There is so much information out there and there have been many updates made since COVID-19 first became a concern in early 2020. With guidelines continuing to change almost daily, it can be hard to implement the best strategies to keep your facility safe. 

That’s where CCT comes in. We’re providing you with an updated, practical tool to help you plan for and deal with COVID-19 at your site.

With COVID-19 still posed as a threat to correctional facilities, how can this training help?

As the pandemic continues to be a concern in the US and abroad, staying up to date on the latest information and guidelines may still be challenging for your team and facility. Your decisions still need to be made swiftly and have repercussions on the lives of those walking though your correctional environment. 

At Correctional Clinician Training, our mission is to provide health care professionals who work within a correctional environment an opportunity to develop and/or maintain correctional health care competencies.

In this training you will learn:

  • Where we stand today in terms of cases and impact.

  • How to approach waves of the virus, and comparisons to epidemics of the past.

  • Impacts of the virus in a number of areas, including global health, the economy and more.

  • An overview of resources and testing, and how that applies to safety procedures in a correctional setting.

  • Information on COVID-19’s impact on correctional facilities to-date.

Brought to you by a team of experts in the correctional facility industry

Guidelines specifically designed for correctional facility environments

This training will help correctional professionals looking to:

  • Understand how the pandemic has unfolded thus far.

  • Learn about waves and surges, and be prepared for how to handle them in your area and facility.

  • Identify how COVID-19 may continue to impact correctional settings.

Our team consists of dedicated practitioners who are subject matter experts in the correctional field. We provide a vast amount of innovative knowledge and experience with our online courses developed specifically for correctional professionals.

We will be updating this training on a continuous basis. 


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